Family affair


Handling a photo production for one’s own family is a rather unusual matter .

In this project it was possible to be more involved, not just producing it, but also in developing the concept and visual ideas.

My daughter was asked to publish a book about her wool collection with a well-known German publishing house and she was given much freedom in how to go about it. .

80 pages had to be filled with the best possible ideas.

I have not been working in this field for a long time, but had my own „old-style “ taste about fashion photography back from the 90th.

A longtime friend, Eddy Kohli , who has been in this business for decades working in Paris, Milano and all over the world, was still around and had known my daughter from when she was a toddler.

We had been working together a few years ago in Tokyo for a car shoot and so, I called him and presented my idea. Luckily, he was instantly excited and able to fit the shoot into his schedule.

My daughter and I always liked his lively and energetic style and the client was more than happy having a world class photographer shooting his new book.

For fitting and production we occupied a really outstanding studio, run by my friend Mike Christian. Locations where all shot in downtown Cologne; even the weather was on our side in early March. Once again it was a pleasure working with inspired friends, from makeup, to post production and styling, achieving an outcome that all of us (… and the client) liked a lot.

Not only were we happy with our work, the book turned out to become a top seller.