Shooting the still ads parallel to the commercial film production is getting more and more common.

What sometimes makes sense to reduce expenses and complexity may lead to overlooking  the needs for the photography part and they can easily get lost in all the overall commercial planning. Therefor we were involved early to work on locations and logistics.

It was for a well-known German beer campaign with a strong brand connection to the North Sea and its spectacular coastline.

After intense scouting, we ended up in Amrum, a small island in the very north of Germany; and thanks to the great collaboration with the commercial production (thank you Rocco), we got the permit to shoot there.


All this happened in October; meaning the weather situation was tricky and the time slot tight. Just getting our crew from Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Berlin there in time was a challenge, with only a few ferries sailing per day. Once on the island we had to prep and scout in heavy rain but, once again, during the main shoots we were lucky and had the perfect light.