Lufthansa MO

During the last years we had the chance to produce a few, very different, shootings for the product marketing department of „Deutsche Lufthansa AG“, one of the largest airlines.

Basically, these were all „live style“ shootings in different settings.

We started in Berlin with a short but very dense production, checking out 20 locations in one afternoon during the recce; thank you Philip, that was just perfect.

Berlin summer conditions made it a great job for photographer Jens Görlich and the client.



Totally different were a few projects in the airside maintenance area of Lufthansa at Frankfurt airport. An Airbus 380, and other airliners, where grounded for several days to execute parallel shootings in still and moving images with different crews. Security was the big issue here and we had to make sure that all of the up to 50 people on set could get in and out in time and stayed where the should be. Backstage logistics was the other issue with office, styling, make up and catering areas for all those people.

The new satellite terminal in Munich Airport was just opened and before and after the opening we coordinated several shoots, actually up to five in one day, so photographers / directors could work easily.