Nissan Tokyo

After years of car shootings, this was something different.

My long time client Shin from Japan asked me to find a well-known, first class fashion photographer to shoot the new Nissan Micra C+C, because it was a “woman’s car”.

Eddy Kohli is a good friend of mine since the late 70s and he was exactly the right man. Eddy had worked for all the big names in the fashion industry and this was what the client was looking for.

After a precise tech scouting, we shot the whole project in 3 days.

Both of us had experience with Japanese clients and knew the way they like to work. Well organized, as I like to be. Everyone was nice and friendly; luckily Shin spoke English and was well acquainted with the “western” way of working.

Eddy likes movement so the model had to walk, run, and jump a lot. Her feet did not look good that last evening.

The mini van with the digital operator was perfect. He printed right on set to show to the important guys, and they loved it.

While in Tokyo we visited an exhibition in the Nomadic Museum called, “Ashes and Snow” by Gregory Colbert a Canadian photographer. This was the most impressive photography show I have ever seen.