Creating a collage artwork that didn’t hide the artificial Photoshop style


This new car was top-secret, so we actually started without seeing it. The idea was to get a collage artwork that did not try to hide the artificial Photoshop style.

After researching location options from East to West – not modern, more 70s style – we went to Buenos Aires and spent many days just shooting hundreds of facades, flyovers, streetlights and more, from different angles and with different light. That sounds easy, but we were out in the streets surrounded by millions of cars, all day long and must have inhaled more exhaust fumes that week, than during the rest of our lives.

As compensation for our hardships we had steaks every day; even those almost-vegetarians, like me. Not to forget the daily dose of Mate.

Eventually the “top-sercet” cars appeared … the pictures were shot in a Munich studio.